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Vanilla Face Cream~ Yummmm!!

The Nature’s Co.

Hi Guys,

Today m up with the review of this yummyliciousss face-cream from The Nature’s Co. which I received in my November Beauty Wish Box. Oh! You are still unaware of this thing go this Link and subscribe and pamper urself with this BWB (read Beauty Wish Bag) and I promise you’ll be amazed by the quality of the products.

Ohkayyy so lets see what does the brand says about its product:

“Gives you a youthful glow; keeps skin soft, supple and firm. Enhance blood circulation in your face and restore freshness.”

It surely does give the glow. 😀 I usually don’t use any moisturizer/cream except for sun-screen, but this one has become an exception. I’m in love with this one. The best part of this face cream is it does not adds greasiness to the skin. And second one is the fragrance. I really like vanilla, coffee, chocolate-y smells so this one is surely my thingy and unlike other creams its smell stays for longer time. Vanilla smell is neither mild nor strong. As far as texture is concerned its not runny but quite thick.

The Nature’s Co.
The Nature’s Co.

Ingredients:  Vanilla oil , Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Wheat germ oil, Vitamin – E,Coco butter, Kokum butter Price: Rs 995/- for 50ml

Hope you all liked this review. 🙂


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